Enjoy the best customer experience from the leading Solon contractors


Would you like a company that offers quality construction services at the best rates? If you do, you are at the right place.

Class 1 pavers and re-modelers is one of the few companies that meets all the customers’ requirements in terms of competence and affordability. 

As a result, this company has positioned itself as one of the most outstanding and respected Solon contractors.

Advantages of choosing Class 1 pavers and re-modelers

Apart from the quality services you will receive, you will never enjoy a customer experience like the one we offer. Our customer experience stands out because we allow the customer to have their say and we deliver according to their requirements. Some advantages that you will accrue by choosing us include:

  • Trusted

We have worked for very many clients on varying construction needs. Our ability to deliver and work in a professional manner has earned us respect and trust among our clients.

  • Professional

Class 1 pavers and re-modelers does not only get the job done but the job is done in the best way possible. We strive to satisfy the customer needs through incorporating diligence and integrity in handling our clients’ needs.

  • Reliable

You can always count on us to be there for you at any time. Moreover, we are properly equipped and have competent staff who will always be on time to attend to your needs. Furthermore, our array of services will ensure that you get all your construction needs serviced by only one company.

  • Easy to get along with

Most of our customers always come back for more because we give them favorable conditions. Our friendly crew will be there to answer any of your questions and the will handle the project to your satisfaction.

  • Experience

With over 30 years working with different clients, we have acquired knowledge and experience on how to handle different tasks and satisfy the customer’s requirements.

Services offered

With the numerous tasks that we have handled during our 30 year stint in business, we have acquired enough skill and knowledge that allows us to perform any kind of construction tasks. Below are some of the services we offer.

  • Masonry

With our team of licensed and highly skilled brick layers, we will offer various masonry services such as: retaining walls, repairs, steps, fireplace, tuck pointing and laying foundations.

  • Bathroom remodeling

Most people fail to understand the important role the bathroom plays in the home. We will ensure we renovate your bathroom to give it a touch of class and elegance.

  • Siding

With our siding services, you will no longer need to re-paint your house to enhance its beauty. We will cover your walls and trims with sidings available in different colors and sizes. Some of the available siding include: Norandex, Caycan and Alside.

  • Carpentry

Custom carpentry is another service we offer in a bid to ensure you get unique and durable designs. We will also help you create the carpentry designs you desire.

  • Roofing and repairs

Our services will come in handy whenever you need to repair your roof or install a new one.


You definitely need a company that will meet all your construction needs and still charge you reasonable rates.  Most importantly, you should enjoy quality services that will guarantee durable structures and value for your money. Contact Class 1 pavers and re-modelers for the best experience.