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A home not only provides shelter for you and your family, but it also acts as an investment. Like all other investments, your home has to be properly maintained. Home maintenance will often involve hiring South Euclid Contractors to perform tasks repair and installation tasks, which are meant to restore its beauty, and at times make it even better.

As contractors working in South Euclid Ohio, we believe in providing our clients with the best home remodeling services possible. Our services include;

Patios and Walkways Remodeling

We are professionally trained and equipped to handle all kinds of concrete work that you may have for us. Our patio and walkways remodeling team are professionally trained to ensure that they spruce up your outdoors in a manner that will not only make it appear lovely but also provide you with a sense of satisfaction, knowing that you got your money’s worth.

Whether you want to remodel your existing patio or install a new one, rest assured that we will be able to handle the task.

Siding Installation and Maintenance

Siding not only provides your home with a beautiful, clean finish, but it also helps keep you warm during the cold winter months. At Class 1 Pavers and re-modelers we have different kinds of siding, which comes in varying sizes.

Our team will install your siding in such a way that you will never need to have your exteriors repainted again.  Given that cost is a major factor for many clients when remodeling, we make sure that our products are competitively priced, and that they will last for many years to come.

Custom Carpentry

It is normal for a homeowner to have a particular design that he or she would like worked on in their house. Our in-house carpentry team is not only professional, but it is also very approachable. They will sit down with you and go through the custom carpentry designs you want to be handled.

Bathroom Remodeling

The bathing area is an essential room in any residence. In a bathroom remodel, we handle tasks such as flooring, tiling, and piping. We install the pipes and tiles in such a way that you will not need to ask for repairs anytime soon after installation.

Our Class 1 Pavers and re-modelers team of professionals is highly experienced in this area and have handled very many similar projects in the past. You can, therefore, rest assured that the bathroom remodeling team will handle the remodel in a professional manner.

Roofing and Repairs

No homeowner wants to reside in a house that has a leaking roof. As such, we make sure that we only stock the best and most durable roofing materials in the market. All the roofing materials in our store have a lifetime warranty, meaning that you do not have to worry about ever going to the store again.

At Class 1 Pavers and re-modelers we have been installing roofs and siding for the last thirty years. We are not only accredited by the BBB, but we are also insured and bonded.